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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this App?
When consumers download another company's App from the App Store all leads usually go to that company, NOT you. Furthermore the consumer is exposed to agents and services provided by that company. With this App you get all leads and the only agent promoted is you.
How do I sign up for the App?
Click on the Sign Up button on the website or access the site through a link provided on your corporate website. The system will prompt you for your contact information to display on the iPad/iPhone, as well as your photo and logo.
How do my clients and prospects download the App?
They go to the Apple iTunes App store and search for it under your company's name. They then click on 'Download this App'.
How much does it cost to download the App?
Nothing. It is a FREE download from the App Store.
How is it branded to me?
When you sign up and first create your account you choose an ACCESS CODE that is unique to you. It may be a good idea to use your website domain name as that is easy to remember and will be unique to you. When consumers download the App and use it for the first time they are prompted to enter this ACCESS CODE. This is how we link the App to you.
How do consumers know this access code?
We provide a 'Download my App' badge together with the Access Code for you to put on your website. Also, whenever you tell clients or prospects about your App, be sure to give them the Access Code. Many agents also print the words 'Download my App' with the Access Code on the back of their business cards!
What branding exactly appears on the App?
We show your name, contact information, personal photo and company logo.
How do I get Mobile Leads?
Your contact information and email are just one tap away on the iPhone. Just like with your IDX website, all requests for more information from consumers using the App go to YOU.
How do I get a 'Download my App' button for my Website?
Login with the Login ID and Password you provided when you created your account. Select the 'Button Generator' tab and click on the button that works best for your site. Follow the onscreen instructions to copy the HTML code automatically generated. Paste this into your website. (You may need the help of your Webmaster to do this!)
What properties does it search?
All currently for sale properties provided by the MLS in your market area
How much does it cost?
The price for the agent is $9.95 per month, with unlimited FREE downloads from the App store for you, your clients and prospects.
Does it work on other platforms?
Yes. A dedicated iPad version as well as a version for Android devices is scheduled for release shortly.
Is there a Setup Fee or Long Term Contract?
No. Sign up now for this special price and use the App as long as you want. Just keep in mind that you cannot cancel in the middle of a month as we cannot do partial refunds!

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